Taxis & Coaches

Taxi_5_256x256x32Taxis –  Taxi drop off and pick up point will be clearly signposted – taxis should enter via the east gate (Taverham Church) and will be directed past the main car park on the main drive main drive near Car Park 3.

Taxis should be booked for pickup at 10.40pm but will be held at the East gate until the fireworks end. They will then be directed to the taxi pick up point and will exit through the west gate (Ringland).

Bus_5_256x256x32Coaches – Enter by east gate (Taverham Church) and drop off on main drive as directed by stewards . Coaches must not drive or park on grass and will need to park near the school buildings on the tarmac/gravel – ensuring that emergency access is not obstructed. Passengers will have to walk to that point for pick up. (We cannot permit coaches back against the traffic flow.) Coaches will exit via the west gate (Ringland).